Welcome to The Front Gate Project

Welcome to the start of the Front Gate Project, a blog where you, the reader, can help create a place for both sides of the front gate, whether you are leaving through that gate, or coming inside, perhaps for a spot of tea. Gates, after all, are nearly-universal. They are means of egress and ingress, they define boundaries, keep the riff-raff out and the livestock in, protect the people inside and hold the world at bay. They are a bow-tie for fences, and make fences do their jobs properly. But beyond utility, gates frame the experience of arriving and leave-taking, and can often spell the experience one may anticipate upon entering. And furthermore, they often possess great looks!


So this is a place to talk about gates, share photos of interesting, artistic, bizarre, and creative gates, and share stories of how gates have affected your life.


So, why not open the front gate, and step up here on the veranda. I just finished making a nice pitcher of iced tea – care for some?

The tall gate, the high gate, good for keeping in the high jumpers and keeping out the low lifers all at once!


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The Gate is Open

This project depends on you - and your photos of gates. Great gates, different gates, unusual gates, non-obvious gates. Be sure to include your contact information, permission to use your photo, and a name for proper credit where credit is due! Be a part of the Gate Project.
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