A gate close the enclosure that encloses:

property, livestock ( a form of property), dwellings; towns, institutions, cities, babies, dogs, prisoners, students, wealth, undesirables, desirables, spiritual strivings, knowledge…..


A gate permits entry to:

Those with permission, those who are invited, those who have control, those who claim, those who desire, those with the key, those who solve the riddle, those of pure heart….


What a gate does not do:

A gate does not know its own purpose. Because it IS its purpose, and thus, has no need to know.

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The Gate is Open

This project depends on you - and your photos of gates. Great gates, different gates, unusual gates, non-obvious gates. Be sure to include your contact information, permission to use your photo, and a name for proper credit where credit is due! Be a part of the Gate Project.
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