Is It A Door, or Is It A Gate?

So, when is a door actually a gate, or vice-versa? The answer is really quite simple, but then, maybe not. It is a door if it leads to an interior space, but a gate if it encloses an outer perimeter that contains the dwelling or building where the interior space is, well, interior. But (of course there’s a “but” though usually to a joke) a gate can double as a door. Those gates that enclose large and often ceremonial or other types of public buildings, like museums, churches, mosques, synagogues, as a few examples. While they function as a door, they hold a more metaphoric position as a gate, because the interiority is itself dual – it is physically interior, and it is psychically or spiritually interior. This gives such entry and exit-ways a purpose that other gates, while it may be implied they possess, cannot prove it so.


Just a little to think about today!


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