Hanging Out by the Front Gate

Nice day, Saturday, mid-afternoon, hot. Nice day to have a beer, sitting on a bench in the front yard, near the gate. Two lazy dogs at my feet, slight breeze, the occasional bird calling to its mate, or fledglings, or making noise about those damnable crows again. No clouds, few cars passing this time of day. But the occasional passer-by, some with their own canine escorts, who invariably challenge, and are challenged in return, by my two, who of course own the planet from within their enclosed world behind the gate.

While the dogs shout at each other, we humans exchange a brief greeting, maybe they’ve kids, who find my fuzzy monsters irresistible, and desperately need to pet them for even a moment. The gate doesn’t even need to be opened, their little hands just reach through to barely touch, followed by giggles and “ooohhh’s” and then off they go. The gate is steadfast, yet permeable, keeps out the casual intruder, keeps the dogs within, but who’s kidding who here? If either party really wants to, there’s not going to be much holding them back. But then, I designed our gate to attract, not repel. I wanted people to feel welcome, and it has worked exactly as desired.

A beer, two dogs, and a handsome gate. Who needs more than that, to be at one with the world?


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