Pure Panache!

Art, it is often said, is firmly lodged in the eye of the beholder. But art is also something found in unexpected places, and can play upon our minds in quite unconscious ways. Nothing does this better than a truly artistic gate, and as it is this aspect of gates that I am especially attracted to, I am pleased to share one with you that comes from a fellow gate aficionado, over at MrJOM’s Blog. This shot comes from a house in Victoria, and while it might be obvious to anyone who’s had the pleasure of visiting that sweet town, those not so enlightened might suspect this photo is an aberration. We experienced Victoria-philes can assure you otherwise – Victoria is chock-full of beautiful homes and beautiful gates. You should really try to stop over sometime!


“We have our own perspective on life, and are NOT afraid to show it to the world!”

Thanks to Joseph de Lange, at http://mrjom.com




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  1. Joseph de Lange
    Jul 21, 2012 @ 17:54:36

    It is great to see in James Bay Victoria BC the creative craftsmanship of today mix with the excellent work of the artisans of yesterday.


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