My Second Gate


Boundary Issues, 2016

About fifteen years ago, I designed and had built my first gate – you can see it in the blog’s header photo. Made largely of Honduran mahogany, salvage, actually, and not a single idea of what I was doing. My contractor was very skilled, and we worked together to make it a reality. It served as a focal point for us for many years, and we had many visitors and neighbors who would be happy to spend twenty minutes, or even an hour, just chatting over the gate. That was what actually instigated this blog, more than any other factor.

Now, we have moved to the country, and have some real acreage, and our dogs need room to run, without succumbing to the natural desire to chase deer and raccoons. So the project is different this time because we don’t live where there are a lot of pedestrians now, which makes the entire notion of a fence considerably different that with our first, so urban in nature. Now, this is more about dog-containment and privacy. But to do those things without considering the esthetics – as many do hereabouts – just seems like a waste of effort to us. So, here we go again!

Due to local codes, our front (road-facing) portion cannot exceed 6 feet, and the top 2 1/2 feet must have some sort of open aspect, such as lattice work or slats, which immediately sets limits for design, as well. But I am working on several ideas, and hope to have them ready to share here in the near future. I know they will be mostly redwood – as I have a lot available! And the driveway fence will be metal, because weight, mostly, is less that way, and the auto opener works better with the least amount of weight. So taking those two limits as starting points should make this quite interesting. Stay tuned, and as always, I would love your feedback, and for you to share this blog with your friends! And help me name our new deer herd!


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