About The Front Gate Project

At The Front Gate is dedicated to the Front Gate Project, where you can share stories and photos of front gates you have encountered that really stand out – artistically, esthetically, substantially. If you have ever built a gate, beyond the merely utilitarian in design, how did you come up with your design? What does it mean to you? has it worked out the way you imagined it would? 

Front gates are more than a means of controlling entrance and exits – they are a point of welcome, and goodbye, a place where neighbors can encounter a part of the day together, a part of your home that tells the world something about the people who live on the other side of that gate.

So drop by, maybe we can share some virtual iced tea while we step through the gate, and into…..

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  1. gurus4life
    Jul 02, 2012 @ 12:51:42

    Love this project!! Thank you for sharing!


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The Gate is Open

This project depends on you - and your photos of gates. Great gates, different gates, unusual gates, non-obvious gates. Be sure to include your contact information, permission to use your photo, and a name for proper credit where credit is due! Be a part of the Gate Project.
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