Open Gates

A recent visit to the lovely land of Ojai, California, led me to examine the differences between open gates and closed gates. Mostly, open gates are more correctly referred to as gateways, a framing of the way, you might say. The explicit meaning is of course the same as a closed gate – this is my property, and you are welcome to enter here. It is more akin to an honor system – “I trust you have no ill intentions, and as the rest of my property isn’t that well guarded anyway, let’s all just be on our best behavior, shall we?”

But the implicit meaning remains the same, and this particular gate(way) below is the best example I was able to find. Here, the materials of the gateway are all natural, but their components hold a subtle warning. If you are unable to guess the nature and substance of the warning, I strongly suggest you not enter within!!


Be pure of heart, else enter not..

Now, this is not a front gate proper, as it allows entry to a driveway, but it is the more common point of entry to most homes in Southern California. I mean, who the hell walks anywhere in Southern California? You would either get run over, or die of dehydration before you got a mile from home! Best to take the wheels.





The Gate is Open

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